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summer drought

Summer Drought Survival Guide

We know it’s so easy to forget about your lawn during the summer. It’s hot – who wants to go out there? Besides the lawn experts at Green Meadow Landscapes, we can assure you, most people don’t. Here are a few tips for avoiding long recovery times after a drought in the MidSouth/Memphis area!

  • Invest in sprinklers and timers. It may sound eccentric, but the weather behavior in Memphis is even worse. Long periods of no rain can result in damage that takes years to reverse.
  • Don’t feed the lawn! Or at least not excessively. As a natural defense against drought, lawns slow their growth to accommodate to the nutrients around them.
  • Use the grass clippings from mowing to give the lawn a kick of extra nutrients and protection against the sun.

Keeping your lawn maintained during the summer drought isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, it just takes a little bit of preparation and planning! Deep watering every now and then combined with plenty of nutrients for your lawn should keep it looking healthy and will definitely help it survive any long-term stress.

In addition to maintaining your lawn with the proper steps through a summer drought, you should consider an annual lawn treatment plan.

Green Meadow Landscapes provides an annual treatment plan at an affordable rate, defending your lawn from pests and diseases that can occur easily during a drought or time of lack of nutrients. Call 901.854.4148 for more info!