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Lawn Insect Control

Don’t let destructive insects have a negative impact on your lawn; let the best lawn service in your area provide you with exceptional insect control that will protect your lawn all season long. Insects such as grubs, chinch bugs and sod webworms are major pests and can have a devastating effect on your lawn, but with the help of our expert services, we can make insect problems a thing of the past.

Grub Control

Effective grub control treatment is very important if you want to save your lawn from certain death due to their incessant feeding. Grubs drain your lawn of moisture and nutrients, disrupting the entire root system which could hinder growth, along with many other things. If their feeding is left undisturbed, your lawn will eventually die, resulting in expensive restorative costs. Let the Collierville, TN lawn care experts at Green Meadow Landscapes offer you the best preventative and curative grub control applications in the business!

Army Worms

Army worms create a great deal of damage as they tunnel through the soil underneath your lawn. Our lawn care specialists have been trained to keep an eye out for the early warning signs of an army worm infestation. Call Green Meadow Landscape today and schedule a FREE consultation so we can help protect your lawn from destructive insects.