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Lawn Care FAQs

Helpful Answers To Common Lawn Care Questions

  • How frequently should I water my lawn?

    You should water your lawn less frequently, but longer, especially in the Mid-South. This helps the water  penetrate deeper into the soil. Approximately 2 – 3 times per week should be efficient, depending on how much rain we are getting. Watering your lawn daily unfortunately promotes shallow roots and leads to unhealthy lawns. Watering too often can also contribute to turf diseases. Also, a popular grass in the Memphis area called Zoysia should be watered half as much as Bermuda lawns, unless under a tree.

  • How much should I water my lawn?

    We recommend watering your lawn to a total of 1 – 2 inches per week. When temperatures are extremely hot in the summer and there hasn’t been much rain, your lawn probably needs about 2 inches.

  • Are lawn applications harmful to my pets?

    All lawn application products we use have been thoroughly tested and approved by the EPA and are safe when used according to the product label. We typically recommend that pets and humans stay off a recently treated lawn until it dries, usually about 1 hour.

  • How soon can I mow after my lawn has been treated?

    Ideally, you can begin mowing your lawn after the pre-emergent treatment or after the fertilizer has been watered in. If a grass catcher is not used when mowing, it would be okay to mow immediately after a treatment.

  • How soon can I water my lawn after a treatment has been applied?

    We usually recommend waiting to water your lawn for approximately 24 hours after treatment application. This gives the post-emergent weed-killer time to be absorbed and become effective. If there are has not been a weed-killer applied, pre-emergent and fertilizer can be watered immediately.

  • Suppose it rains shortly after you treat my lawn; How does that affect the application?

    Rain is okay if we only applied a pre-emergent or fertilizer because they need some water for activation and prolonged effectiveness. However, if there are weeds present, we may need to retreat your lawn because the post-emergent herbicide was probably washed off the weed before it became effective. Contact us if you have any concerns about treatments becoming ineffective due to rainfall after application.

  • How often do lawn treatments occur?

    On average, we’ll do a lawn treatment every 6-8 weeks. However, the weather conditions do affect the frequency of treatments. If you have a more customized lawn treatment schedule, times will vary. If you have any questions about when your next lawn treatment will occur, don’t hesitate to call us at 901-854-4148.

  • Will I be required to sign a contract?

    No contracts. Our lawn care service is continuous from year to year until we are told otherwise. The only exception is a first time customer receiving an introductory discount and agreeing to one full year of service.